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Mr Oatein

In a distant land, far far away, Mr Oatein rose from the ashes after eating what he thought was a cookie. Unknown to him was the radioactive quantities that lay embedded deep within the crumbly treat. After a somewhat hazy few hours and then complete darkness, Mr Oatein was reborn..

With a new sense of smell, extraordinary taste buds and a longing for fitness Mr Oatein knew his fate.

It was time to give the world what they had been waiting for. Tasty and nutritious treats packed full of protein, fibre and incomprehensible flavours. Thus Oatein was born, providers of flapjacks, cookies and brownies.

Mr Oatein dedicates his time to saving the world from post-workout hunger one flapjack at a time. Every gym needs a hero like Mr Oatein. Someone to reassure the rest of us that there is a pre and post workout treat worth eating.

With help from Mr Oatein and his fantastic products, muscle can be built daily, challenges overcome weekly and strength improved upon every time you set foot in the gym.