Oatein at BodyPower Expo 2017

BodyPower Expo 2017 – The Five Things You Need to Know About This Year’s Show

Oatein is proud to be appearing at this year’s BodyPower Expo where we’ll be on hand to exhibit the latest innovations in nutrition. We’re also proud to present this handy introductory guide to the biggest bodybuilding show on the planet with some of the most common questions.

Whether you’ve heard of the BodyPower Expo or not, any keen fitness enthusiast should keep up to date with the news by following the event on Twitter.

What is BodyPower Expo?

BodyPower Expo is the world’s largest consumer fitness exposition. Their website estimates over 100,000 visitors will eagerly arrive this year for one hell of a show that promises to fuel the ambition of everyone who steps through the door. The aim isn’t just to motivate but to educate those who are interested in bodybuilding by equipping keen enthusiasts with the knowledge to become the UK’s next big star.

BodyPower Expo is a gathering of some of the planet’s biggest (quite literally) athletes and bodybuilders. The weekend will deliver an impressive showcase of athletic talent and demonstrations of bodybuilding prowess as well as provide some of the most innovative, cutting-edge information about the power of the human body.  

When is it, where is it and how do I get there?

BodyPower Expo 2017

When: Friday 12th May to Sunday 14th May – doors open daily from 9.00am

Where: NEC Trade & Consumer Exhibition Centre in Birmingham

Getting there:

  • By train – the NEC is a short walk from Birmingham International train station.
  • By car from the north – just off the M42 at junction 6.
  • By car from the south – take the A45 westbound from the M42.
  • By air – Birmingham International Airport is a short (ten minutes) taxi ride away.

What can I expect at BodyPower Expo?

With eight huge varied featured areas that boast various attractions, inspiring athletes and motivational enthusiasts to equip any keen bodybuilder with the diverse skill set necessary to make it big.  

BodyPower Expo 2017 NEC

The eight areas include:

Generation Iron 2 which focalises on the future of bodybuilding. The area is hosted by some of the most innovative industry experts and athletes who have discovered what it takes to push their physique to the next level.

Evolution of Bodybuilding which showcases the history of bodybuilding from the very early days of Frank Zane to the current Phillip Heath with Q&A sessions, nutrition talks and some very special guest speakers.

The Auditorium features the world’s very best bodybuilding giants who will compete in a range of categories as well as demonstrate their skills and hold live Q&A sessions.

Girl Power promises to deliver interactive and inspirational female empowerment lessons with everything the modern bodybuilding female needs to upgrade their training and lifestyle.

British Weightlifting will host some of the best Olympic lifters in Britain today – presented by London 2012 competitor, clean and jerk record holder, Zoe Smith. This area will demonstrate the very best techniques to improve the strength and technique with live demonstrations, workshops and interactive sessions from some of the biggest names in British Olympic history.

Healthy Eating Kitchen is the one-stop educational paradise for those who have wondered what it takes to build mass in the kitchen. Learn how to improve your diet, how to prep the most nutritionally balanced meals and how to reinvigorate your diet to reach your fitness goals.

The Academy is the world’s leading strength and conditioning experts, all in one room hosting seminars and discussions focused on nutrition, training, fat loss and hypertrophy. Providing the future of training information with the latest innovations and cutting-edge information to help you stay ahead of the competition.

The Workout Arena is your chance to lift big with the stars of bodybuilding. Improve your form, learn how to stay motivated and acquire the knowledge to get an incredible physique with some of the very best athletes in the world.

A full timetable can be downloaded from their website here.

Who will be at BodyPower Expo 2017?

There are so many big names that we’ve had to round up the five stars that we’re most looking forward to seeing…

dana linn bailey at bodypower expo

Eddie Hall

Known for being the only man to deadlift 500kg under strongman rules, Eddie has won the UK’s Strongest Man competition six times and came 3rd in the World’s Strongest Man competition – we’re looking forward to learning the secrets to his world record breaking deadlift success.

Williams Falade

The World Beauty, Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Pro Champion was an everyday normal guy who started hitting the gym in his college days to pass the time, he has since gone on to win some of the world’s major competitions and is sure to inspire anyone who dreams of making it big.

Kai Greene

An innovative bodybuilder who recently won the Arnold Classic in 2016, he offers outside the box thinking when it comes to technique and training with his mind-muscle connection as well as the 5P Training program – Kai is sure to bring some innovative research to the table this year.

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana is a part of bodybuilding history as being the first ever female to compete and win the Women’s Physique Show back in 2011. Since then, Dana has gone on to become one of the most recognised and decorated females in bodybuilding history.

Martyn Ford

Nicknamed ‘The Nightmare’ Martyn stands at an extraordinary 6’8” and weighs over 135 kg. Martyn isn’t just a bodybuilder but an actor too who consumes over $300 worth of food every week to maintain his gargantuan stature – a leading expert in nutrition for the plus size bodybuilders.

With some of the biggest names in the industry there to answer your questions and to motivate you to become the next big thing, BodyPower Expo is getting bigger and better every year since its launch in 2009. If you’re a wholesaler, secure yourself the latest new products by the pallet-load. One other name on the list that we’re sure you’ll spot will be Mr Oatein – be sure to stop, say hello and grab a selfie with the legend himself!

Tickets for BodyPower Expo are still available and can be bought now.

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